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Capital Seafood International Inc.

Growing markets and growing businesses

By Ania Swiatoniowski

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One of China’s (and the world’s) largest seafood companies has recently turned its eye to the east coast of Canada. Zhangzidao Group Co Ltd have recently purchased a lobster company in Nova Scotia. The acquisition marked the creation of Zhangzidao Group’s newly formed subsidiary, Capital Seafood International Inc.

Lobster.ca: Banding and Branding Premium Atlantic Fare

By Ian Ross

Lobster.ca photo.Frigid 5.a.m. mornings are when the winter waters of the Bay of Fundy are at their coldest, and it’s when lobster fishermen head out to ply the icy depths and bring in one of Canada’s premium catches, the Atlantic Lobster.

Crowdfunding is coming soon to a securities regulator near you

By Tanya Wiltshire , NSSC Investor Education & Communications Coordinator

CrowdfundingCompanies are continuously finding innovative ways to use crowdfunding to raise money for specific projects, but it has never involved the issuance of securities until now.

Companies becoming Reporting Issuers in the Capital Markets

By Tanya Wiltshire , NSSC Investor Education & Communications Coordinator, and Kevin Redden, Director of Corporate Finance for the NSSC

Raising capital to finance business development and expansion is required in the natural resources industry and more companies are becoming reporting issuers (RIs). What does this mean? It means these businesses wanting to raise capital through investors will be required to file materials with securities regulators. In contrast, issuers which are not reporting issuers are required to make few if any filings with the securities regulators and public disclosure.

Scotian WindFields

Leading in Renewable Energy in Nova Scotia

By Katie Conklin

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Scotian WindFields (SWFI) is a Nova Scotia based organization specializing in clean, renewable and efficient energy. With 20 employees and growing SWFI is divided into three divisions: wind, solar and waste-to-energy, but with a current focus on wind. Established in 2007 by President and CEO, Barry Zwicker, SWFI is currently working on a large community-based provincial program called ComFit. Its purpose is to determine and establish a single or multiple farm of wind turbines in communities that will benefit from the power they will produce.

Raising Capital in the Energy Industry through the OM Exemption

By Tanya Wiltshire, NSSC Investor Education & Communications Coordinator

When businesses raise money through the issuance of securities, they are subject to securities laws that govern this process. Private placement markets or “exempt” markets are exactly that, a way for businesses to be exempt from some of these laws and still raise the funds they need to grow.

Natural Forces and Wind4All

Locals Directly Investing in Renewable Energy

By Michelle Brunet

Click to view.The Nova Scotia Department of Energy’s Renewable Electricity Plan sets the goal that by 2020, 40% of the province’s electricity should be fuelled by renewable sources.