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Trade Shows, Conferences and Events showca
Natural Resources, Energy and Agriculture around t
OffshoreWest Africa
Coming up soon is theOffshoreWest Africa
conference at the International Conference
Centre inAccra, Ghana. It runs from 21-23 Janu-
ary, 2014 and will be attended by over 1500
professionals interested in the development
of the offshore oil and gas resources ofWest
Africa. The conference will cover topics from
exploration and technical production to business
aspects and logistics relevant to the expanding
offshore energy industry ofWest Africa. Their
Web site:
Mineral Exploration Roundup 2014
From January 27-30, 2014, the Mineral Ex-
ploration Roundup will be held at theWestin
Bayshore hotel inVancouver, BC
Features include an exhibitor trade show, con-
ferences, short courses, the Prospectors’ Tent,
field trips and more. Networking events and
technical sessions on mineral exploration round
out this heavyweight event for mining industry
professionals in or interested in Canadian min-
eral prospects.
Fish International 2014
For a European perspective on fisheries mar-
kets, the Fish International exhibition is being
held in Bremen, Germany, from 9-11 February,
2014. Featuring approximately 260 exhibitors, the
programme covers everything in the market cycle
of fish products from research and development,
production, processing, marketing and other point
of sale business concerns, with some emphasis on
trading. See
for more information.
RISI First Annual Forest Products andTim-
berland Investment Conference
This inaugural event will be held at theGrand
Hyatt in NewYork City, from February 11-12, 2014.
The primary focus will be investment opportunities
and strategies for forestry products, equally useful
to those who produce as to those who deal only
in the investment side of the industry. The confer-
ence will include detailed outlooks for timber-re-
lated industry and how demand will affect invest-
ment strategies. For more information see
Ontario ForestryAssociation Conference
The 65thOntario ForestryAssociation Confer-
ence will be held on 21 February, 2014, at the Not-
tawasaga Inn inAlliston, Ontario (about an hour
North of Toronto). The focus of the conference is
on sustainability and adaptation, as well as taxa-
tion, business planning and access toOntario mar-
kets. See
for more details.
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