Resources Quarterly - WINTER 2013 - page 47

the early work we have seen was intended to re-
place coal operations. Now that this goal has been
achieved and the energy load is down through
conservation programs and loss of industry, there
is less drive for the Ontario Power Authority (OPA)
to contract for new energy sources.”
Wagner sites OPA plans to construct new reac-
tors at the Darlington and Bruce nuclear plants
that were halted in favor of refurbishing the exist-
ing facilities. He says in Ontario, future growth of
renewable energies will depend on an increased
demand for electricity.
In places where the cost of electricity is high or
FIT programs have been launched, there is greater
potential. “We’re looking outside Ontario, into
the United States and other parts of the world for
opportunities,” he says. One potential source for
instance is in remote mining communities where
their electricity is currently being produced by die-
sel generators.
In the meantime, Saturn Power continues to net-
work, attending conferences, speaking with poten-
tial clients and seeking the partnerships that will
help support and develop more sustainable power
for the future.
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