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contracts for a four year period in this category so
there is a window of potential here.”
Wagner says this opportunity can be a great ben-
efit to businesses and building owners who have
the opportunity to turn their facilities into power-
generating income streams. When people talk
about land and buildings as an investment, here is
an opportunity for a long-term source of revenue
that can be applied back to the costs of operating a
Wind projects typically require more complex
permits including those for land use, and bird and
bat studies. Wind projects, unfortunately, also re-
quire a lot more public education and community
“There is an unfortunate amount of misinforma-
tion out there about wind energy,”Wagner says.
“What we find is that the people living near them
don’t complain. The protests and propaganda
comes from people who don’t live with them but
fear them.”
Wagner says in any community there will be
people for wind power, people opposed and people
who don’t have enough information to stand on
either side. Part of his team’s job then becomes
public outreach and information sharing to help
projects come to fruition.
From its base in the town of New Hamburg,
Saturn Power is now expanding its reach, looking
to projects outside of Ontario. “In Ontario many of
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