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Ontario and resulted in the successful establish-
ment of the GesnerWind Farm near Muirkirk, On-
tario in 2013. Set on 233 hectares of land, the five
90-metre wind turbines each have a capacity to
produce two megawatts of power, in total enough
to provide electricity for up to 3,500 homes.
The process of completing projects like this are
complicated, and it is here that Saturn Power’s
combined expertise and years of experience come
into play.
Part of the company’s work
involves identifying potential sites
and assessing their viability. In the
case of wind farmsWagner says
open tracts of land near power
lines with available capacity are
ideal, but must be large enough
to accommodate the setback
required and room for the massive
moving parts.
Solar installations by comparison are much more
adaptable. “A solar installation can go in a yard,
on a home or business, or on a 100-acre parcel of
land,” saysWagner.
While these installations were once quite expen-
sive, Wagner says the associated costs, particularly
in solar, have come down considerably and will
continue to drop as volume increases and more ef-
ficient solar modules are devel-
New options, including roof-
top leasing plans, can provide
risk-free, guaranteed revenues
for a building owner with no
investment. “One of the biggest
advantages to solar power is
that it produces the most energy
during peak daylight hours when
energy costs are higher so the
payback is greater.”
Besides identifying poten-
tial sites, Wagner and
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