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aturn Power is a renewable energy developer,
helping connect the pieces between concept
and the development of viable wind and solar
projects. Committed to expanding the scope and
potential for these renewable energy resources,
Saturn Power is working, project by project, to
bring education, awareness
and more sustainable energy
to Ontario and beyond.
The company launched in
January 2007, just two months
after Ontario announced its
Renewable Energy Standard
Offer Program (RESOP) – the
forerunner to today’s Feed-inTariff (FIT) Program.
President DouglasWagner and vice president
and co-founder Ray Roth recognized the potential
for renewable energy projects on a smaller scale
and the opportunity to become developers and
owners of renewable energy generating facilities.
Wagner brings to his position 28 years in agri-
culture, experience in land development and his
background as a financial advisor. Roth, with his
own agricultural background, real estate ventures
and business development experience, strength-
ens the team’s expertise. Together, the two set out
to be stewards of the land,
helping people, communities
and businesses benefit from
renewable energy opportuni-
“We looked at the devel-
opment of a solar or wind
farm as being similar to land
development,” saysWagner.
“There are many of the same hoops to go through,
the same processes to understand, permits to ob-
tain and financing to arrange.”
The company’s early efforts focused on small
wind projects in Chatham Kent and sites in Eastern
By Heather Seftel-Kirk
...helping people,
communities and
businesses benefit from
renewable energy
Saturn Power Inc.
Sustainable Energy for Ontario and Beyond
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