Resources Quarterly - WINTER 2013 - page 39

“We recognised that we were limiting ourselves
somewhat with just wind power. We started out as
an alternative energy company, which we still are,
but everything becomes interrelated at one point.
Natural gas has an impact on wind. Oil prices have
an impact on prices of natural gas. Everything is
essentially interrelated.... Many times you can’t
provide energy with just one solution, such as wind
or solar or hydro. We wanted to expand our hori-
zons to harness the different energy sources that
are available.”
Nine years of commitment, hard work, and con-
siderable investment are paying off for Sky Harvest
and 2013 has been a big year for the company in
all three of the company’s areas of work: develop-
ing wind sites in Saskatchewan, vertical axis wind
turbine development, and pursuing possibilities in
the natural gas industries in Europe andTurkey.
Sky Harvest Energy Corp is a United States and
British Columbia reporting public company.
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