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“Everything we do is very long term and we want
to make sure that it fits in with the developmental
objectives of the provincial government and with
SaskPower,” says Iny as he talks about the posi-
tion Sky Harvest takes in the province. Sky Harvest
recently sold one of their former Saskatchewan-
based wind projects, the Birsay site, to a major
Canadian company for CDN$8million.
Design and Manufacture of Vertical Axis
Sky Harvest is currently developing a 5 kW-size
vertical axis wind turbine designed for smaller wind
that would be implemented onto transmission
towers and communications towers, but also to
power remote communities.
“The inquiries we are getting right now are from
all over the world, especially Europe -- that is very
strong on wind -- from India, the Middle East, and
from Northern Canada where many communities
are still powered by diesel,” says Iny, explaining the
market for the 5 kW turbines. The small turbines
would provide cleaner energy in remote communi-
ties and lessen cost associated with transporting
fuel to these regions by helicopter.
Sky Harvest plans to expand their 5 kW vertical
axis wind turbine manufacturing arm of the com-
pany into Europe and Asia. “We’re having discus-
sions with several countries who are interested
in a licence to manufacturer there,” indicates Iny.
The small turbines are under research and devel-
opment and have already been awarded multi-
Sky Harvest’s latest announcement, released De-
cember 5th, 2013, is an agreement with the North-
ern Centre for AdvancedTechnology, NORCAT,
located in Ontario. The 70,000 square foot research
and development centre provides advanced facili-
ties such as those for product testing in harsh and
extreme environments and underground mine
testing areas, both of which represent environ-
ments where the turbines would be placed. Sky
Harvest’s subsidiary company, SkyVertical Tech-
nologies Inc., designs and manufactures the verti-
cal wind turbines.
Natural Gas in Europe andTurkey
Besides Sky Harvest’s developments
in Canada, the company has its eyes
on new opportunities in the natural
gas industry in Europe andTurkey. Le-
vant Energy, Sky Harvest’s company
inTurkey, has made concrete move-
ments in this direction.
Petroleum products en route to
Europe transit throughTurkey which
makes puts these operations in a
strategic location and allows Levant
to look toward developments related
to natural gas deposits off the coast of
TheSODAR, which is aportable unit that gives infill databetweenMet tow-
ers. SoDAR (SonicDetection andRanging) is likeWindRadar, it can cover
different areaswithout erectingmoreMet towers andhelps to complete
BOPand sitingand tweaking turbineplacements. [Contributedphotos.]
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