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Resources Quarterly
| WINTER 2013 | 37
the Gulf of Mexico ascending up towards the North
Pole. Where that air exchange happens is right
over Saskatchewan.”
These winds are highest in south-west Saskatch-
ewan, which is why Sky Harvest located there in
2005 and began research into the viability of es-
tablishing wind sites in the region. Iny indicates his
confidence in the sites saying: “I think we hit the
sweet spot there and we made a long term com-
mitment to develop those projects.”
But Saskatchewan has other attractive qualities
to a wind energy production company. The Sas-
katchewan government has identified wind power
as part of their energy solution for their growing
energy needs and are developing their long term
wind strategy. There are already five wind farms in
Saskatchewan, but wind only accounts for 8% of
energy production, while fossil fuels account for
75%. Iny believes that wind energy will increase as
dependence on fossil fuels decreases.
Sky Harvest is currently developing the Matador
Site, a lease for which they hold from the Govern-
ment of Saskatchewan. Two meteorological towers
have been erected in the region. Sky Harvest holds
a government lease for another five years.
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