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Resources Quarterly
| WINTER 2013 | 35
here are exciting new things on the horizon
for Sky Harvest Energy Corp (OTCBB: SKYH).
As a power generation company, the company’s
main focus is on utility-scale renewable energy.
Sky Harvest has been making a mark in the energy
industry by announcing a string of positive devel-
opments in the past several months.
Sky Harvest, based inVancouver, develops wind
power sites and designs and manufactures vertical
axis wind turbines.
Sky Harvest announced their
latest of several developments
on December 5, 2013: it will
begin a new relationship with
the Northern Centre for Ad-
vancedTechnology for testing
and manufacturing Sky Harvest’s vertical axis wind
turbines. The company is also involved in establish-
ing projects inTurkey in underground natural gas
storage and the European energy industry.
DevelopingWind Sites in Saskatchewan
Sky Harvest is a development stage company
founded in 2005. It has been developing three
utility grade wind power sites in south-west Sas-
katchewan: Birsay, Beechy, and Matador Pasture
Sky Harvest Energy Corp.
By Ania Swiatoniowski
-- Matador Pasture is within the Beechy area. The
company currently holds long term lease agree-
ments and contractual interest in these areas –
comprising over 35,000 acres-- and are permitted
to build wind power generation facilities on these
lands. Birsay and Matador Pasture will each be ap-
proximately 175 MW facilities.
Sky Harvests interests in the Saskatchewan wind
sites are the product of over eight years of invest-
ment in engineering and envi-
ronmental studies conducted
by firms prominent in the wind
power industry. These studies
began with the inception of the
company in 2005. Sky Harvest
owns two subsidiary companies
in Saskatchewan related to the
wind sites: KeewatinWindpower Inc. and Sky Har-
vest Saskatchewan Corp.
William Iny knows the complexities of develop-
ing a wind harvesting site. Iny started at Sky Har-
vest in 2005 as a director and became President
and CEO in 2010. “Saskatchewan is a dynamic
place for wind,” says Iny, as he explains why south-
west Saskatchewan is a particularly good place for
wind harvesting. “You have the cold air from the
Arctic descending and you also have warm air from
is a dynamic place
for wind.”
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