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This led to more capital being invested in uranium
exploration and notable discoveries being made on
the east side of the Basin, a number of which be-
came operating mines. The focus was on the east
side of the Basin and as a result other parts of the
Basin didn’t get their fair share of exploration even
though they are just as geologically prospective.
The goal of our exploration is to discover uranium
deposits on the west side of the Basin, which for
the most part, has been underexplored,” says
Skyharbour’s exploration strategy consists of
multiple stages and will cost roughly $3 million in
the first year. The first stage is the summer pro-
gram, which was recently completed. It consisted
of a variety of exploration techniques, surveys and
reconnaissance work over a regional scale. “We
are utilizing a proven and effective exploration
methodology. We start with airborne geophysical
surveys that narrow our search and look for a vari-
ety of geological indicators such as structures and
alteration under the surface. We use radiometric
surveys that can detect in situ uraniummineraliza-
tion. That’s one of the surveys that lead to Fission
and Alpha’s discovery at PLS,” says Trimble.
Once Skyharbour finished flying the airborne
geophysics, they assigned ground crews to explore
initial target areas outlined by the surveys. These
ground crews conducted soil and silt sampling
programs, radon surveys, biogeochemistry surveys
and scintillometer traces to vector in on high-prior-
ity drill targets.
After a very successfully summer program which
yielded many high-potential targets, Skyharbour is
about to start its winter exploration program. The
first stage will consist of ground geophysical and
radon surveys to pin point where the drilling will
take place in March. The second stage is the actual
drilling with the goal of finding another uranium
deposit in this area.
“Finding uranium deposits is not easy, but there’s
a science behind it,” says Trimble. “Needless to say
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