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Resources Quarterly
| WINTER 2013 | 3
Vol. I, Issue 3 - Winter
Managing Editor
Ian Ross
Features Writers
Katie Conklin
Heather Seftel-Kirk
Ania Swiatoniowski
John Guise
Tanya Wiltshire, NSSC
Gas Technology Institute
World Forestry Center
Additional Research
Stephen Hughes
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From thePublisher...
On the cover:
Ontario’s Saturn Power is one of the leading
companies that we profile this month. They
specialize in energy solutions to fit a broad
range of various-sized operations.
[Contributed feature.] See
page 42.
We’re on the doorstep of the
NewYear, and winter has defi-
nitely made its appearance all
the way fromTexas to the Territories bu it hasn’t
stopped exploration and development, which is
unending and full of continued promise. We’re
looking forward to 2014 and all it may bring.
This issue we look at two renewable energy
companies, Saturn Power which is primarily based
in Ontario but growing, and Sky Harvest Energy,
which works with wind power development in
Saskatchewan and is expanding to new energy de-
velopments worldwide. Both companies succeed
in the versatility of being able to scale their visions
for clients and partners to provide energy for all
sizes of user.
We also look at uranium exploration in the Atha-
basca Basin through our profile of Skyharbour Re-
sources and the growth of one Texas community,
Yorktown, who is benefiting from the increased
exploration and production stemming from the
Eagle Ford shale play.
In addition, we invite you to read our new inter-
national columns and contributed articles by the
Gas Technology Institute and theWorld Forestry
May the NewYear bring you fortune,
- Ian Ross
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