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kyharbour Resources is a publicly traded
company, listed on the TSXVenture Exchange
under SYH, specializing in uranium exploration in
the Athabasca Basin. It controls one of the largest
land packages surrounding the recent high grade
uranium discovery at Patterson Lake South by Fis-
sion Uranium and Alpha Minerals.
In July 2013 Skyharbour
Resources teamed up with
three other companies includ-
ing Athabasca Nuclear, Noka
Resources and Lucky Strike
Resources to form theWest-
ern Athabasca Syndicate. Its
main purpose is to explore the
Patterson Lake region on the
western side of the Athabasca Basin, which is an
emerging and promising area for high grade ura-
nium discoveries. One of the reasons for the syndi-
cate is to help raise the necessary funds needed to
make another discovery in this area without sub-
stantial equity dilution. Skyharbour’s President and
CEO JordanTrimble explains, “All four companies
are publically traded, so we raise capital through
the public market by issuing equity. The objective
is to make a high grade uranium discovery and
generate a substantial return on investment for our
Uranium’s main use globally is in nuclear power
generation. Nuclear energy accounts for roughly 15
percent of household power globally while coal ac-
counts for roughly 40 percent.
Nuclear isn’t close to the lead-
ing power source but it’s an
integral part of the global ener-
gy mix. Trimble explains that
nuclear’s place on the global
stage is going to become more
significant. “You have these
emerging economies in India,
China, South America and they need energy to
power their cities and rising middle classes. Where
are they going to get it from? Nuclear power is the
perfect hybrid; it’s efficient and clean.”
No other place in the world has the same quality
of uranium deposits as those located in the Atha-
basca Basin. “The highest grade uranium deposits
By Katie Conklin
“Nuclear power is
the perfect hybrid;
it’s efficient andclean.”
Uranium Exploration in Saskatchewan
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