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Resources Quarterly
| WINTER 2013 | 25
ditional support is providedby local partners inPortland
andby theHarryH.MerloFoundation.
Details aboutWFI fellowshipprogramandapplication
materials canbe foundat:
Informationabout past projects, alumni, publications
andposters canalsobe foundat theWFI site.
WFI also reaches out toexperiencededucators and
natural resourcemanagers byhosting the International
Educators Institute (IEI) eachJuly.This intensive 7-day
professional development courseand forest study tour
was established in1996 tobring together tooutstand-
ingeducators –at all levels – fromaround theworld.The
goal is tocreateamulticultural exchangeof best prac-
tices and to “significantlyadvanceeffective teaching
and learningabout the interrelated social, economic and
environmental challenges facing theearth’s forests.”
Thenext IEI coursewill bebased in spectularColumbia
RiverGorgewith travel though the forests ofOregon
andWashingtonJuly 13-19, 2014.Qualifiedcandidates
canapplyon-line throughFebruary28:
"You can endlessly litigate the words to best de-
scribe forest management in the 21st century "Zenn
cautioned, "But withmore than 7 billion people on
the planet, whatever you call it, we need to get to
work.Working together, working across borders, and
working to connect people to forests is our work and
our passion.”
“The issues we face here in the PacificNorthwest
are not all that different fromthose facing other parts
of theworld,” observesSaraWu, director of theWorld
Forest Institute. “So, there is awonderful opportunity
for us to exchange best practices and to learn fromone
another. No one country or one entity can do it alone.”
Today, theWorldForest Instituteoffers a varietyof in-
novativeprograms toengagenatural resources anded-
ucationprofessionals fromaround theworld. Research
fellowships, internships, forest study tours,workshops,
andconferences areall part of theannual lineup.
TheWorldForest Institute fellowshipprogramallows
natural resourceprofessionals towork inPortland for
6-12months onanapplied, oftencomparative research
project ofmutual interest to the researcher andWFI.
More than100 forest sector professionals have com-
pletedprojectswithWFI ondiverse topics suchas con-
servationbiology, payment for ecosystemservices, fire,
genetics, silviculture, greenbuilding, businessmanage-
ment, finance,manufacturing, forest product utilization,
trade,markets,GIS, urban forestry, andpolicy.
According toBranislavCvjetkovic, a 2013 fellowand
professional forester fromBosnia-Herzegovina “I had
field trips, cooperatedwith scientists and experts,
and attended conference and lectures. I have greatly
enrichedmy knowledge and amno ready to deal with
TimSanderswithVicForests inAustralia, a2011 fellow
said: “WFI provides anoutstandingopportunity for pro-
fessionals to learn fromeachother and tohelpdefine
futuremanagement of our global forest resources.”
“The fellowshipprogramopeneda lot of doors for
me,” saidVijayKolinjivadi, a2010 fellowandPh.D. can-
didatenowdoingfieldwork inKyrgyzstan. “It is a case
study for thinkinggloballyandacting locally.”
WFI fellows are supported, inpart, by sponsorship
providedbybusiness, government,NGOs, academic
institution, or a consortium in their home country.Ad-
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