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henvisitingPortland,Oregon, theWorldForest-
ryCenter is amust seedestination for all natural
resourceprofessionals, friends of the forest, visiting
tourists andcity families.
Located in theheart of Portland’s beautifulWashing-
tonParkandadjacent to the200-acre
guests to
its 20,000
square foot visitor center andconference facilities every
Exhibits, conferences, public events and school pro-
grams all reflect adistinctive international perspective
whilemaintaininga strong, local senseof placeof the
PacificNorthwest forests.
"We live in aworldwhere forests and the resources
derived fromforests aremore valuable and culturally
significant than ever before" says RickZenn, Senior
Fellowat theWorld ForestryCenter.
“People reallywant to knowwhat’s going on around
theworld – fromprotecting biodiversity andwater
quality to preserving the livelihoods of people living
in forest dependent communities.They care about
increasing the use of sustainably produced forest prod-
ucts and the proper valuation of ecosystemservices.”
“Our visitors, partners and supporters are clearly
among those leading a revolution in the traditional
thinking about forests and forestry.This is an exciting
time for us.”
Founded in the 1960s by legendary leaders in the
PacificNorthwest forest sector, themission of the
World ForestryCenter has always been to increase
public awareness of the benefits of sustainable forestry
management - environmental, social and economic.
More recently, however, the small non-profit organi-
zationhas attempted toadvance thepracticeof sustain-
able forestryaround theworldby supportingapplied
research, professional development, communityen-
gagement, andcollaboration.More than40 countries
have teamedupwith theWorldForestryCenter and its
WorldForest Institute (WFI) has become the “For Pro-
fessionals” sideof thePortland-basedoperation.
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