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and 35-year veteran in business.The town also boasts
several restaurants enjoyed by both locals and out-of-
However,Weischwill continues with a corollary.
“A lot of those are temporary... Pipeline companies
come in and they bring awhole bunch of workers and
they stay here, build the pipeline andwhen they finish
they’re gone again.”
BothHernandez andWeischwill have seen drill sites
come and go and havewatched the economic effects
on their hometown. So the stress is on how the ben-
efits of the Eagle FordShale play can be turned into
long-termeconomic growth forYorktown that will
out-live the boom.
“Our sales tax in 2010was $237,098... and in 2012we
jumped to $401,376,” says Hernandez.That’s a 59% in-
crease over three years. In 2013, the figures are show-
ing that this trend is continuing. “We’ve never had a lot
ofmoney for the big projects like roads and themoney
coming in nowhasmade it easier... to accomplish
some of those tasks,” says Hernandez.
Schools have been another long-term investment by
Yorktown. “We’ve just finished [building] a newhigh
school andwe’re building a newgymnasiumand a bus
barn,” saysWeischwill.Yorktown has focused a consid-
erable amount into their schools and nowcan boast
some of the best schools in the region.
Improvement and beautification projects such as
KeepYorktownBeautiful have progressed.The town
also putsmoney into its annualWesternDays, a large
weekend long festival ofmusic, food, and games.
Weischwill andHernandez both note the role taken by
the town’s citizens. Several generous gifts have been
made to community facilities for improvement by
landowners who have received gas royalties.
The city council is currently putting resources into
developing a community centrewithmeeting areas
for boards and community groups. “In the near future,
we’re looking at trying to purchase land outside the
city so that we can expand our city limits and build
more housing. But that’s a little bit down the road yet
for us,” says Hernandez.
The experienced town has taken past experience
and current wisdomand is focusing onmaking the
best, long-term investment decisions to fuel the future
of the town, focusing on building up their economy
and attractiveness to prospective new residents and
“Yorktown really has its eye on the future. Maybe the
Eagle FordShale boomwill give us the opportunity to
fund those future goals, in bringing in new residents,
speculative home building, developing our schools,
and puttingmoney into community development.”
It’s an opportunity to be usedwisely.
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