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Resources Quarterly
| WINTER 2013 | 21
Chamber ofCommerce
areworking hard to
make this influx of pros-
perity fuel longer-term
goals for the growth and
health of the commu-
Economic benefits
fromthe Eagle Ford
Shale play have come
toYorktown in several
forms.There has been
direct employment by
the drilling companies, which has offered an oppor-
tunity towork closer to home forYorktown residents
who’veworked on the oil or gas drilling sites before.
However, most of the direct injection ofmoney has
been fromroyalty payments to landowners. InTexas,
landowners retain rights tominerals, oil, and gas
underground on their
properties as well as
the above-ground land.
Farmers and ranchers
who own land contain-
ing natural gas benefited
greatly fromthe Eagle
FordShale play.This was
particularly fortunate as
many had been hit hard
by the 2012 drought.
Indirect employment
and sales tax revenue
generated by activity related to the drill sites also ben-
efitYorktown’s economy.
“We have two newmotels.We have several RVparks
andwe have a truck stop,” explainsMarkWeischwill,
president ofYorktown’s Economic Development Board
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