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f Dewitt county is the “WildflowerCapitol” ofTexas,
then the community ofYorktown is one of the its
finest flowers.Yorktown is an old and vibrant com-
munity home to 2,100 people and long traditions.The
community is also locatedwithin a highly active part
of the Eagle FordShale play in south-eastTexas.
“There’s somuch that could really be said about the
Eagle FordShale play and how it has affected people,”
saysMayor ReneHernandez.
Hernandezworked as a roughneck
on land rigs and later off-shore rigs for
ten years before his life-long love for his
community brought himto serve his
city. After serving on city council for 16
years he is now in his sixth year serving
asmayor. Drawing on his oldwork
experiences, he says his timeworking
on the oil rigs, “has givenme a better
understanding of how things tran-
spire. I knowa lot of people look at the
pots ofmoney coming in, but there’s a
lotmore to it. It’s our economy.”
Theword ‘economy’ is key.The
members ofYorktown’s city council,
Economic Development Board, and
the City of
And the Eagle
Ford Shale
By Ania Swiatoniowski
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