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Resources Quarterly
| WINTER 2013 | 17
and high efficiency. Operating flexibility—or
the ability to start-stop and ramp up and down
quickly—is also enhancing the value of natural
gas, especially as the electric grid continues to
be populated with more and more intermittent
generating sources like solar and wind. Recog-
nizing the economic and emissions benefits of
on-site power and CHP, GTI is developing, dem-
onstrating, and deploying new gas-fired tech-
Industrial process heat and steam
With a strong market position in the industrial
sector, natural gas is leading to growth in manu-
facturing output and gross domestic product,
and lowU.S. prices are providing a competitive
advantage for chemical products in global mar-
kets. GTI is developing a portfolio of industrial
technologies that include productivity improve-
ments and waste-heat recovery as an integral
part of energy savings.
Residential/commercial appliances and
Meeting growing energy demand with clean
natural gas will lower energy consumption,
reduce energy costs, and control greenhouse
gas emissions. GTI is advancing the creation
and adoption of high-efficiency and low-carbon
natural gas technologies and equipment intro-
duced to market benefit our customers, part-
ners, and end users.
New employees come on board, markets and
regulations evolve, and technologies advance.
GTI helps companies rapidly adapt via profes-
sional development for the energy industry,
with courses on gas distribution, transmission,
marketing, and supply that are industry-driven.
Meeting society’s future energy needs – safe-
ly, affordably and responsibly – will require new
technology developments and improved ways
of producing, transporting and using energy.
GTI professionals are taking on these impor-
tant challenges in many ways, providing solid
solutions to the market. GTI solves important
energy challenges, turning raw technology into
practical solutions that create exceptional value
for our customers in the global marketplace.
To find out more about GTI, visit the website at
or contact Rod Rinholm, GTI Executive Director,
Business Development andTraining,
or 847-768-0868.
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