Resources Quarterly - WINTER 2013 - page 16

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velopment by expanding knowledge and accep-
tance of unconventional resources worldwide.
Gas processing
As new sources of energy are discovered and
produced, GTI is developing innovative cleanup
systems to remove contaminants and bring
pipeline-quality gas to market at lower costs.
Extracting the most value from natural
Global demand for power, hydrogen, liquid
fuel and chemical production is growing as ac-
cess to low-cost resources provides new market
opportunities. Our focus is on ways to convert
abundant resources into high-value products.
We are transforming coal, biomass, and raw
natural gas resources into clean fuels, power,
and chemicals.
Biofuels production and clean-up
As the international population continues to rise,
so will the need for cost-effective renewable en-
ergy sources. GTI has unique capabilities in bio-
fuel and bio-methane production and processing
technologies to generate pipeline-quality gas,
liquefied natural gas, liquid transportation fuels
and hydrogen.
Infrastructure integrity
A safe, reliable, and more intelligent infrastruc-
ture is critical to match abundant new supply
with growing demand and maintain confidence
in the natural gas delivery system. We are work-
ing with industry to provide solutions for regula-
tory compliance.
Natural gas transportation fuels
Low-cost domestic natural gas is creating in-
roads in the diesel-dominated heavy-duty
vehicle market. To promote greater adoption
and penetration across all NGV markets, GTI is
delivering infrastructure, vehicle, engine, com-
ponent, and system solutions.
Power generation
Combined cycle power plants and heat and
power (CHP) facilities offer low capital cost
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