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Resources Quarterly
| WINTER 2013 | 15
he shale gas revolution has had a pro-
found impact in the United States. Clean
and abundant natural gas has helped to en-
hance the security of our energy portfolio and
meet growing energy needs. It has contributed
to a dramatic reduction in U.S. greenhouse gas
emissions, as increased natural gas use in elec-
tricity generation replaces coal and comple-
ments renewable resources.
Ultimately, hundreds of thou-
sands of new jobs will emerge,
driven by growth in shale gas
production and the industrial
renaissance in manufacturing
and chemicals production.
With natural gas demand
reaching a record high in the
U.S., a strong rebound in in-
dustrial markets, power gen-
eration expansion, and high
growth rates in natural gas vehicles (NGVs) has
led to projections by the U.S. Department of
Energy’s Energy Information Administration of
demand at 24Tcf by 2020.
Gas Technology Institute (GTI) is at the fore-
front of research, development and training in
the U.S. aimed at unlocking the global poten-
tial of natural gas and enabling a secure, abun-
dant, and affordable energy future.
As a non-for-profit organization established
in 1941, GTI has been serving the natural gas
industry and energy markets by developing
and deploying technology-based solutions for
customers, industry, and government for more
than 70 years. GTI programs deliver market im-
pact and have resulted in nearly 500 products,
750 licenses and more than 1,200 associated
With nearly 250 employees at offices across
the nation, our headquarters in metro Chicago
is our primary location, housing more than
20 specialized labs with equipment for de-
sign, testing and analysis of advanced energy
technologies across market sectors. GTI of-
fers expert services that span the technology
development cycle from concept to commer-
cialization, including research
and development; program
management; technical and
analytical services; consulting/
knowledge-based services;
commercialization; and edu-
cation and training.
The compelling economic
and environmental benefits
of natural gas are drawing
international attention, as gas
is rapidly becoming the go-to
resource for many developing countries and
regions with growing power needs. GTI has a
legacy of expertise and is well positioned to
support this global expansion.
Our research initiatives address issues across
the industry’s value chain—supply, delivery,
and end use. Our core focus is to expand the
supply of affordable natural gas and renewable
energy, ensure a safe and reliable natural gas
infrastructure, promote the clean and efficient
use of energy resources, and address carbon
management concerns.
Unconventional gas
The shale gas revolution has had a profound
impact in the United States. Shale gas is a
clean, affordable, and abundant resource that
GTI engineers and scientists are working to
ensure safe, economical, and responsible de-
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