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Resources Quarterly
| WINTER 2013 | 13
There is no “Energy” section in CETA as there
was in the NAFTA deal. The energy industry is
mentioned in papers released by both govern-
ments, but in no detail. Passing reference is made
to procurement competition of energy services
and how changes in investment rules could be
beneficial to the energy, mining, and renewable
energy sectors, but no more. Also noticeably ab-
sent is any mention of fossil fuels –notably the Tar
Sands-- and to environmental standards in energy
More details to come
The terms of CETA have not yet been made
public. The “summaries” released by each govern-
ment are little more than bullet point lists and lack
significant detail. Furthermore, while some parts
of CETA need fine-tuning, other parts of the agree-
ment have yet to be drafted and the technical
details finalized by negotiators.
While there is a possibility that foreign worker
arrangements may begin provisionally in the near
future, it is unlikely that other aspects of the deal
will come into play before CETA can come into
force, projected to be 2015. CETA has been on the
negotiating table since 2009.
Technical Summary: Government of Canada’s
official release of CETA summary
The European Commission: Trade with Canada,
information on CETA deal:
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