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St. Cloud Mining

And St. Cloud Zeolite

Keeping it clean with zeolites for over 20 years


By Ania K. Swiatoniowski

Click for E-Brochure

Click for E-Brochure

St. Cloud Mining Company, SCM, has been bringing high quality zeolite out of the ground and into innovation for over 20 years. Zeolites, a group of volcanic minerals, are often called “molecular sieves” because of their porous structures, making them valuable in a wide range of agricultural, environmental, and industrial applications.

More than a Dry Spell

Tree in desertWorsening Drought and Efforts at Water Conservation

 By Jennifer Harvey

Think water issues are all about over-usage? Think again. With climate change responsible for more extreme weather conditions as well as increased global temperatures, fresh water is under a new kind of threat, and it is one that will hit us hard. The advent of the recent droughts in the United States and Canada over the past few years, each seemingly worse than the last, has water managers and climate experts in both countries working to predict future conditions and find solutions to thrive despite these dry periods.

Companies becoming Reporting Issuers in the Capital Markets

By Tanya Wiltshire , NSSC Investor Education & Communications Coordinator, and Kevin Redden, Director of Corporate Finance for the NSSC

Raising capital to finance business development and expansion is required in the natural resources industry and more companies are becoming reporting issuers (RIs). What does this mean? It means these businesses wanting to raise capital through investors will be required to file materials with securities regulators. In contrast, issuers which are not reporting issuers are required to make few if any filings with the securities regulators and public disclosure.