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European Offshore Wind

The strong, cold (and windy) North

By Ania Swiatoniowski
London Array Limited photo.The European Environmental Agency (EEA) has estimated that off-shore wind energy has the potential to meet the European Union’s energy demands seven times over. The EEA’s targets for growth in the off-shore wind energy industry are a total 40 GW installed capacity by 2020 and 150 GW by 2030. That’s 4% and 14% of the EU’s electricity demand, respectively. Not seven times over, but not bad either.

New Mexico Energy Secretary Focuses on Innovative Progress

Special Focus: New Mexico

By Heather Seftel-Kirk

Dave MartinNew Mexico is developing key strategies and innovative collaborations to maintain its position as a top energy producing state at a time when changing energy sources and lagging infrastructure are creating new challenges.

Renewable Energy in New Mexico

Special Focus: New Mexico

By Anne Jakle, Senior Energy Policy Analyst New Mexico Energy, Minerals & Natural Resources Department

NMSolarStateThe New Mexico state flag is bright and golden yellow with a red Zia sun symbol that radiates in the four cardinal directions. It’s an apt depiction of the state, as the sun shines strongly across all of New Mexico’s regions: central New Mexico receives 310 days of sunshine per year, while the southern portion of the state boasts 350 days of sunshine each year. This abundant sunshine qualifies the state to have the 3rd best solar resources in the country. New Mexico also has the 11th best wind energy and 6th best geothermal energy potential in the United States, rendering the state a veritable cornucopia of renewable energy resources.


“Western Canada’s largest alternative energy solutions provider”

By Michelle Brunet

Click for E-Brochure

Click for E-Brochure

In its 14 years, a single Saskatchewan company has installed over 1,200 alternative energy systems. This has saved its customers over $20 million in operating and utility costs, reducing CO2 emissions by some 82,425 metric tons— equivalent to taking 15,700 cars off the road. It can quite confidently be accepted that this is the largest alternative energy company for residential customers in Western Canada.

Europe: Energy News from the Continent

By Ania Swiatoniowski

Geothermal Energy Roundtable in Iceland

European Commission Vice-President Günther H. Oettinger met with Iceland’s Minister for Industry and Commerce Ragnheiður Elín Árnadóttir on September 19th during a high-level roundtable meeting on European geothermal energy. The meeting was attended by over 60 representatives of from industry, academia, and finance from Iceland and the EU and focused on policy, promotion of geothermal energy, and geothermal’s role in the EU Energy Mix. Europe holds considerable geothermal potential.

US-Africa Leaders’ Summit 2014

US to support Africa in clean energy projects and resilience to global climatic changes

By David Kariuki


US-African LeadersThe 2014 Africa-U.S. Leaders’ Summit, the first and largest ever forum hosted for African leaders to interact with the US President, American business community and global non-business organizations concluded on Friday August 8 in Washington D.C. under the theme “Investing in the Next Generation” and the President of United States and African Heads of States took the opportunity to strengthen relationships in view of economic, security, governance, natural resources and climatic issues.

The Northwest Territories: Northern Potential

By Hon. Bob McLeod, Premier of Northwest Territories

Increasingly, Canada is recognizing that the North will play a major role in this country’s economic future and eyes are turning in our direction. Based in large part on the region’s rich reserve of natural resources, the Conference Board of Canada has predicted that the North’s GDP could double by 2020.