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Laurion Mineral Exploration Inc.

By Michelle Brunet

Click for E-Brochure

Click for E-Brochure

On the morning of April 10, 2013, Cynthia Le Sueur-Aquin rang the bell to open the Toronto Stock Exchange. This was to celebrate Laurion Mineral Exploration Inc.’s (TSX.V: LME; OTCQX: LMEFF) 68th anniversary and their status as one of the oldest remaining companies listed on the TSX Venture Exchange.

US-Africa Leaders’ Summit 2014

US to support Africa in clean energy projects and resilience to global climatic changes

By David Kariuki


US-African LeadersThe 2014 Africa-U.S. Leaders’ Summit, the first and largest ever forum hosted for African leaders to interact with the US President, American business community and global non-business organizations concluded on Friday August 8 in Washington D.C. under the theme “Investing in the Next Generation” and the President of United States and African Heads of States took the opportunity to strengthen relationships in view of economic, security, governance, natural resources and climatic issues.

Still Muddling Along

A weakening Chinese economy results in lower commodities prices

By John Guise

The summer has mostly been a difficult time for the Asian commodities market particularly for China. A weak housing market and a slowly economy has meant falling commodities prices especially in the country’s steel sector.

Northern Exploration

Special Focus, 2014

By Katie Conklin and Ania Swiatoniowski

YellowknifeMining and exploration are big business in Canada’s northern territories. Combined, the territories make up approximately 40% of Canada’s land mass. These northern lands have proved rich in valuable minerals of several types and have helped put Canada on the map as a global leader in the mining industry.

Economic Development in Nunavut

Scenic view of Iqaluit, NunavutBy Hon. Peter Taptuna, Premier of Nunavut

In a territory covering 1/5 of Canada’s landmass and with a population of 34, 000 and growing, Nunavut is becoming an economic force and an exciting place for investors. Canada’s economy is driven by the mineral sector and Nunavut’s economic growth is projected to outpace much of the country. The potential for investment in minerals and supporting industries, such as construction is quickly increasing.

Mining and Energy

Yukon’s Strengths in a Modern Resource Sector

By Hon. Darrell Pasloski, Premier of Yukon

Mining is built into the foundation of Yukon.Premier Pasloski, left, Wolverine Mine

The legacy of the Klondike Gold Rush that led to Yukon’s inception lives on today. You need only visit one of the territory’s placer gold mines to see it. That legacy has evolved as hard rock mining has grown to become an integral part of the territory’s economy.

The Northwest Territories: Northern Potential

By Hon. Bob McLeod, Premier of Northwest Territories

Increasingly, Canada is recognizing that the North will play a major role in this country’s economic future and eyes are turning in our direction. Based in large part on the region’s rich reserve of natural resources, the Conference Board of Canada has predicted that the North’s GDP could double by 2020.