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Winter came early to the Chinese commodities space

By John Guise

Photo by Ernie, via Flickr.The onset of winter is usually mild in the majority of China, but that had not been the case for the country’s resource sector this year as fall drew to a close. The Middle Kingdom’s stagnant property market has cut much of the country’s demand for steel products. This has caused a drag on much of China’s manufacturing sector and the overall economy.

The Billion Dollar Map

Better Realizing Africa’s Mineral and Energy Potential

By David Kariuki
Great Quest Metals photo.Despite increasing investment and production growth, most of natural resources in Africa are being under-utilized. Research by 2012 African Development Report, for example, reveals that although 45 out of the 54 African countries possess proven or probable oil and/or gas reserves, most of the resources remain untapped.

South American News Briefs

By Ania Swiatoniowski

Brazil – Bolognesi Participacoes SA has announced plans to invest almost US$2.3 billion in two LNG-fired energy plants in Brazil. The private company won a contract at Brazil’s power auction (November 28th) to sell energy in the country for 25 years beginning in 2019. The two plants will have a capacity of 1,238 MW each and will be operational in 2019. The company will be the first to offer LNG energy in Brazil other than the state-run Petroleo Brasileiro SA.

New Mexico Energy Secretary Focuses on Innovative Progress

Special Focus: New Mexico

By Heather Seftel-Kirk

Dave MartinNew Mexico is developing key strategies and innovative collaborations to maintain its position as a top energy producing state at a time when changing energy sources and lagging infrastructure are creating new challenges.

Responsible Mining Isn’t Just a Slogan in New Mexico

Special Focus: New Mexico

By Jane Tabor, New Mexico Mining and Minerals Division

The New Mexico Mining and Minerals Division (MMD) seeks to promote the public trust by ensuring the responsible utilization, conservation, reclamation and safeguarding of land and resources affected by mining. MMD strives to make New Mexico a leader in responsible mine operation and reclamation.

St. Cloud Mining

And St. Cloud Zeolite

Keeping it clean with zeolites for over 20 years


By Ania K. Swiatoniowski

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St. Cloud Mining Company, SCM, has been bringing high quality zeolite out of the ground and into innovation for over 20 years. Zeolites, a group of volcanic minerals, are often called “molecular sieves” because of their porous structures, making them valuable in a wide range of agricultural, environmental, and industrial applications.

THEMAC Resources

And the Copper Flat Mine

Risk and Reward in the Mines of New Mexico

By Anna Candido

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New Mexico has a long history of mining. The first mining claim in this southwestern mountain state was established by Pedro de Abalos in Sierra County in March of 1685, and since then, thousands of mines and prospects have popped up across New Mexico resulting in the extraction of $30 billion worth of minerals since the early 1800s. There are presently 269 mining districts spread across 27 counties, including in Sierra County, a district that has produced more than $20 million worth of base- and precious-metals and iron. THEMAC Resources Group Ltd., a Canadian-based resource company, is one of the more recent players in this lineage.