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America’s Wilderness

As the U.S. Wilderness Act turns 50, the Wilderness Society marks 80 years of protecting the nation’s Wildlands.

By Michelle Brunet

10. Weston LakeEighty years ago, in October 1934, a “heated roadside discussion” outside Knoxville, Tennessee gave birth to The Wilderness Society.

“In Bernard and Miriam Frank’s car on that October Friday were Benton MacKaye (father of the Appalachian Trail), Harvey Broome (notable Tennessee author and conservationist), and Bob Marshall (namesake for a million acre wilderness area in Montana),” describe TWS ecologists/scientists Travis Belote, Greg Aplet and Pete McKinley in their Appalachian Voices essay “The Conception of Wild Ideas” (February 2013). “This group of five was simmering on a provocative, and at that time new, idea: that some places should be left to their own devices where people could experience nature on its own terms.”

Twin Rivers Paper Company

A forestry sector story of survival and revitalization

By Michelle Brunet

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The mills now owned and managed by Twin Rivers Paper Company have a history over 100 years old.

In 1906, a lumber mill, which has employed five generations within some local families, was opened in Plaster Rock, New Brunswick by the Frasers. In 1925, Fraser Papers opened the province’s first sulphite pulp mill in Edmundston, and in 1925, a paper mill in Madawaska, Maine.

The City of Grande Prairie, Alberta

… 100 years and growing strong

By Ania Swiatoniowski

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On the wind-swept plains of north-western Alberta, the city of Grande Prairie is thriving. Named for the expansive prairie lands of the Peace River Country, Grande Prairie was born into an environment endowed by multiple and abundant natural resources. Surrounding the city are fertile agricultural lands, vast boreal forests, and advancing oil and gas developments — all of which play important roles in the city’s diverse economic portfolio and steadily continuing growth.

New Brunswick Forest Products Association

HarvestorContributed by the NBFPA

The New Brunswick Forest Products Association (NBFPA) has been the voice of the New Brunswick forest industry since 1959 and since that time it has held true to its commitment of promoting sustainable and progressive forest management, ensuring healthy forests and quality products.

A New Forestry Management Plan

Striking the Right Balance

By Hon. Paul Robichaud, Minister of Natural Resources, New BrunswickTreeGrowth

New Brunswick is the most forest-dependent province in Canada. It provides employment for 22,000 men and women and $1.45 billion annually to our Gross Domestic Product.

World Forestry Center

WFIWhen visiting Portland, Oregon, the World Forestry Center is a must see destination for all natural resource professionals, friends of the forest, visiting tourists and city families.

CETA Moves Forward

The Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement

By Ania Swiatoniowski

On October 18th, 2013, Canada and the European Union signed a tentative agreement on a significant trade deal. CETA, the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement, will have impacts on a sweeping range of goods and services, including the natural resources industries and, likely, energy.