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Canada’s Lobster Industry

World-class Seafood Going Worldwide

By Hon. Gail Shea, Minister of Fisheries and Oceans, Government of Canada

For many Canadians, fishing is not only a way to provide for their family, but a way of life. Vessels venture out into the open waters and return with their daily catch, ready to go to market. Growing up on Prince Edward Island, it was lobster that lined the wharves in my hometown.

Capital Seafood International Inc.

Growing markets and growing businesses

By Ania Swiatoniowski

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One of China’s (and the world’s) largest seafood companies has recently turned its eye to the east coast of Canada. Zhangzidao Group Co Ltd have recently purchased a lobster company in Nova Scotia. The acquisition marked the creation of Zhangzidao Group’s newly formed subsidiary, Capital Seafood International Inc. Banding and Branding Premium Atlantic Fare

By Ian Ross photo.Frigid 5.a.m. mornings are when the winter waters of the Bay of Fundy are at their coldest, and it’s when lobster fishermen head out to ply the icy depths and bring in one of Canada’s premium catches, the Atlantic Lobster.

South American News Briefs

By Ania Swiatoniowski

Brazil – Bolognesi Participacoes SA has announced plans to invest almost US$2.3 billion in two LNG-fired energy plants in Brazil. The private company won a contract at Brazil’s power auction (November 28th) to sell energy in the country for 25 years beginning in 2019. The two plants will have a capacity of 1,238 MW each and will be operational in 2019. The company will be the first to offer LNG energy in Brazil other than the state-run Petroleo Brasileiro SA.

Economic Development in Nunavut

Scenic view of Iqaluit, NunavutBy Hon. Peter Taptuna, Premier of Nunavut

In a territory covering 1/5 of Canada’s landmass and with a population of 34, 000 and growing, Nunavut is becoming an economic force and an exciting place for investors. Canada’s economy is driven by the mineral sector and Nunavut’s economic growth is projected to outpace much of the country. The potential for investment in minerals and supporting industries, such as construction is quickly increasing.

CETA Moves Forward

The Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement

By Ania Swiatoniowski

On October 18th, 2013, Canada and the European Union signed a tentative agreement on a significant trade deal. CETA, the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement, will have impacts on a sweeping range of goods and services, including the natural resources industries and, likely, energy.

Seafood Production in Virginia

A Model for Public/Private CollaborationsDavis Christopher- Seining3

By Tom Murray

The Virginia Institute of Marine Science (VIMS) is the graduate school of marine science at the College of William & Mary.  VIMS began as the Virginia Fisheries Lab in the 1940s and continues extensive marine fisheries research, teaching and advisory functions.  VIMS three functions make it unique among academic institutions.