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US-Africa Leaders’ Summit 2014

US to support Africa in clean energy projects and resilience to global climatic changes

By David Kariuki


US-African LeadersThe 2014 Africa-U.S. Leaders’ Summit, the first and largest ever forum hosted for African leaders to interact with the US President, American business community and global non-business organizations concluded on Friday August 8 in Washington D.C. under the theme “Investing in the Next Generation” and the President of United States and African Heads of States took the opportunity to strengthen relationships in view of economic, security, governance, natural resources and climatic issues.

Nicaraugua Canal to begin December 2014

By Ania Swiatoniowski

The Republic of Nicaragua has solidified a deal with Chinese company Hong Kong Nicaragua Canal Development Investment Co. (HKND) to build a shipping canal connecting the Atlantic and Pacific oceans through the country. Nicaragua and HKND have announced they will begin the construction phase of the US$50 billion Nicaragua Canal in December 2014.

Crowdfunding is coming soon to a securities regulator near you

By Tanya Wiltshire , NSSC Investor Education & Communications Coordinator

CrowdfundingCompanies are continuously finding innovative ways to use crowdfunding to raise money for specific projects, but it has never involved the issuance of securities until now.

EU Green Energy Subsidies & Targets

Policy Evolution with Economic Change

By Ania Swiatoniowski

Solar EnergyThe European Union has been a global leader in driving innovation and wide-spread use of energy derived from renewable resources as well as in reducing Green House Gas, GHG, emissions for many years. However, two recent clean energy policies put forth by the European Commission have shown that the EU may be taking a significant change in direction in how they manage their various energy production industries.

Companies becoming Reporting Issuers in the Capital Markets

By Tanya Wiltshire , NSSC Investor Education & Communications Coordinator, and Kevin Redden, Director of Corporate Finance for the NSSC

Raising capital to finance business development and expansion is required in the natural resources industry and more companies are becoming reporting issuers (RIs). What does this mean? It means these businesses wanting to raise capital through investors will be required to file materials with securities regulators. In contrast, issuers which are not reporting issuers are required to make few if any filings with the securities regulators and public disclosure.

Asian Resources: Slow to Get Started

By John Guise
The start of 2014 seemed to be getting off on a wrong foot when it came to commodities. China, the world’s biggest consumer of commodities, saw a steep drop in its domestic commodities prices in January as it appeared the country’s economy was slowing down. This contradicted the outlook that was seen Resources Quarterly’s December report. Prices were being driven lower by limited construction activity before the Chinese lunar New Year holiday that began on January 31st and finished on February 7th.

Raising Capital in the Energy Industry through the OM Exemption

By Tanya Wiltshire, NSSC Investor Education & Communications Coordinator

When businesses raise money through the issuance of securities, they are subject to securities laws that govern this process. Private placement markets or “exempt” markets are exactly that, a way for businesses to be exempt from some of these laws and still raise the funds they need to grow.